Monday, November 10, 2014

Elk Viewing Improved by Cold Weather and Hunting Pressure

The evening of the 9th was very good for elk viewing and bugling. Today, Monday should be less so because of high winds and warm temperatures. Bugling was strongest in the Smith Creek field in the south end of the valley. That bull was being followed around by a second smaller bull that really irritated him. He bugled all evening. Strong winds today signal the frontal change to much colder weather as winter storm Alex contols the weather going forward. These cold temperatures should improve elk viewing all the way through next weekend. 

Remember to respect private property. Last night elk watchers were running all over private property, in some cases jumping on bales of hay. This is not acceptable behavior and can result in a fat ticket from the NPS that patrols the valley. This really upsets the residents of the valley. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

11/7/14 Elk Herd in Mid-Valley South of Pullout

Elk are now in a mid-valley pattern. This morning there was a nice herd about a 1/4 mile south of the Elk Pullout. Just a bit further south was an all-bull herd with some big bulls. Just after the rut, bull elk form all-bull herds, generally according to size. Today's all bull herd included some big bulls, herd bull size but they stayed back from the road offering only long shots to photographers. Elk had steamy breath today in the cold temperatures.  There are reports now of a herd in the Steel Creek area. In the Steel Creek Access there are a couple of pastures that elk frequent. Photographers will want to get a photo of an elk herd against Roark Bluff. The best time to see an all bull elk herd is in the morning.