Saturday, June 21, 2014

Butterfly Photography is in Prime Time -- The Mating Dance

Real happy with this photo. Our road, Old Erbie Road is lined with wildflowers now. These milkweeds drive the butterflies wild. I got this by waiting and watching. I am convinced the best way to get good butterfly pictures is to post yourself near a few pre-selected flowers and let the butterflies come to you. 

I much prefer to shoot butterflies in flight. When I get 2 at once it makes my day. This was shot 1/3,200 of a second at f 10, 400 mm, ISO 2,000, hand held. 

Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Mourning Cloak Butterfly at Sunrise
There seem to be a lot of Mourning Cloak Butterflies around this year. Lately I have seen quite a few near our home bordering the Ponca Wilderness. I think it is a pretty good addition to your butterfly collection.

If you want to get detail in that very dark wing you need to overexpose in most situations.  I don't think this species is rare, but it is not common around my home.  Maybe all the rain this year has changed things.