Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Bull Elk Have Arrived

Last night the Arkansas Wildlife cover star, the Boxley Stud, arrived and took most of Pretty Boy's herd. As I suspected, Pretty Boy is a year or two away from being big enough to compete with the biggest bulls. The Boxley Stud made quick work of Pretty Boy and mostly just bluffed him off. Many bull fights never happen because the small bull will not go into a one-sided fight. That was the case last night.

This drama took place at dusk in the first field south of the Observation Pullout.

Further south down the valley, just south of the Buffalo River, another big bull has been working a cow herd for over a week. Last night he brought the cows close to the road and we had an exceptional shoot. He provided photographers with many closeups, close enough so you could see the pores on his nose.

It is time to come, time to see the most virulent bull fights of the season if you are fortunate. The table is set for fighting and the bugling is getting more frequent by the day. Don't miss this once-a-year treat to see the spectacle of huge elk facing off for domination and breeding rights in Boxley Valley, the elk capital of the south.

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