Friday, March 15, 2013

3/15/13 Great Elk Viewing, Wildflowers Started

White Trout Lilies
Elk viewing is very good. There were 4 herds in Boxley Valley today and two were close to the road. Big bulls tend to hang back except in early morning.  The warm weather this weekend should reduce viewing hours a bit.

The antler drop for big bulls is just about 2 weeks off now. Big bull fans have until around April 1 to see the big racks and then will have to wait until the next cycle.

The biggest news in Boxley Valley is the wildflower bloom. The wildflower bloom will heavy this year because of the moisture. Today it was clear that the early bloom pattern would continue. This week Ozark wake robins, cut leaf toothwort, and sharp lobed hepaticas joined the white trout lilies in the first wave of the spring wildflower season.  Trillium sessile are budded and will bloom in the next few days. All of this is very early. The good news is that visitors this weekend can enjoy elk and early wildflowers in beautiful spring weather.

Floating season has started. It is a great time to be at the Buffalo National River.

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  1. Your wildflowers are well ahead of Ohio's. This cool jet stream keeps hanging around - great info, Mike.


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