Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/12 Rain Clearing, Elk Viewing Very Good, Wildflower Season at Lost Valley Done

Good elk viewing in the Boxley Valley today. Elk love rain and they don't like the sun except in cold weather. Today's conditions are perfect for them. Cool and overcast, with some rain.

The bull elk are in early velvet now. I saw some this morning with antlers nearing a foot high already. Most were just starting. Did you know that the elk antler growth rate is considered remarkable even to biologists?

Lost Valley wildflowers are at the end. Most of the show now is along the roadsides. There are good photos to be had. Dogwood trees peaked last week. There are some still in bloom, but most have dropped their petals now. It is quite early to be done. I suspect today's 51st Dogwood Tour was not up to the average for most years by a long shot. The 50 odd dogwoods on our land are done with just a couple of exceptions.

It looks like the weather will clear this afternoon. The amount of rain predicted fell a bit short. If you are planning to float, all floating will be from Pruitt and points downriver. There are middle and lower river floating opportunities. Learn about the river levels, and the outfitters on the Buffalo River Chamber website. The first link also provides topo maps with GPS coordinates for the entire length of the river.

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