Friday, April 27, 2012

4/26/12 Good Elk Viewing, Summer Pattern Now

Box Turtles are migrating now -- This one on Erbie Road
Summer heat is back and the elk have pulled back from Boxley Valley a bit. Today there was one cow herd visible down by Smith Creek. A small bull herd was present near Beech Creek. Some bulls already have antlers in velvet about 6 inches long.

Warm weather and direct sunlight now has compressed the viewing times. This morning the elk were all gone by 8:30AM.

I got my first Buffalo River crossing of the year with the bull elk herd.

Box turtles are migrating now. Every year during mating season you will see them dotting area roads. Please don't pick them up and take them home. If you move them off the road, do it in the direction they are pointed. These turtles are returning to specific areas to mate. If you move them to where they came from, they will simply cross the road again.

I moved 5 of them today. It makes me sick to see them hit by cars. Most people cut them a lot of room. The soulless deranged target them -- surely they will reap what they sew. The ornate box turtles are a threatened species. Here is a link for further information:

Help protect and preserve box turtles in Arkansas.

April 26 Elk Herd Locations near Ponca, AR 

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