Monday, July 16, 2012

7/16/12 Elk Locations in Boxley Valley

Elk are not as plentiful as earlier in the month, but viewing is pretty good. Summer viewing can be pretty thin when the heat sets in and this is one of those weeks.

Having said that though, this morning the big bull herd was very close to the road. So there were not so many elk to see, but the big guys were very close.  This was just north of the mill pond, a place that is often good, but dangerous for parking.

So far this month viewing has been good. Baby elk are a common sight now.

The key to outstanding viewing is getting out early right at daybreak. The light is great and the animals are the closest to the road they will be all day. Get there before 7:30AM to see elk, and get there at 6:00AM for the very best show.

The elk location map for July is below:

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