Saturday, July 21, 2012

7/21/12 Elk Rut Less than 2 Months Off

Roadside Orphan Fawns
July 20 @ 7PM
Elk viewing continues to be good. Many visitors were in Boxley Valley last evening and they were not disappointed. After the sunlight dimmed, the elk hit the fields in good numbers, especially in the fields in the south half of the valley.

If you are interested in seeing the big bulls, early morning is the time to get to the valley. Yesterday there were many bull elk around the 43/21 intersection and they were very close to the road. This morning there were fewer bulls, but they were close enough for good viewing.

The elk rut begins about September 15. As I have written earlier, I will be covering it in depth again this year. The bugling and occasional bull fights are something every nature lover should witness.

A safety note. This heat has whitetail deer moving at the ends of the day. Expect to see more deer in the evenings and watch the roadsides carefully. Last evening we saw easily 20+ deer cross the road in 7 different events.  Remember we have many new fawns that can be unsteady in the road. Always assume a crossing doe will be followed by a fawn. Watch the roadsides when you drive for deer as well as elk. Drive a little slower too.

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