Friday, August 17, 2012

8/17/12 Bull Elk Now Scraping Velvet, Viewing Good

As we march to the 2012 Arkansas Elk Rut, one of the setups is when bull elk begin to scrape velvet in preparation. Today I saw the first bull losing his velvet, exposing the ivory white antlers underneath. This will become common this week.

Viewing was good and there are a lot of elk in Boxley Valley right now. The dominant pattern remains in the south half of the valley beginning just north of the 43/21 intersection and points south. This morning there was actually a calf nursery on the road right next to Beech Creek.

We are heading into cool weather for a while. Good viewing should continue. As always, early and late are best. Longer on rainy days. Drive slowly in Boxley Valley, there are a lot of deer and elk around that could jump in front of your vehicle. I would keep speed down to 45 or less to be safe.

Look for more frequent reports as we head into the rut.

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