Friday, August 23, 2013

Introducing Two 2013 Bull Elk

People who read my blog know I name bull elk, something that some object to, but I get way more positive feedback than negative. Visitors like to ID the bulls as a sort of "bucket list".

The most interesting and eccentric bull for 2013 I call "Droopy". His left antler swoops down more than any bull I have seen.  Last I saw Droopy he was still scraping velvet. He will be in the fight this year for a harem.  I wonder how he will fare with that left antler. (Look at those flared nostrils -- he was tracking.)

Below is Twinforks. Look for his forked tine on the left side and a tipped eye guard. He is an easy ID. First rutting bull of 2013, waaay early. 

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