Monday, August 26, 2013

8/24/13 Elk Herd Location Map

The map below shows the location of 5 different elk herds in Boxley Valley. This will vary from day to day, but it is enough to say that there are a lot of elk in the valley now.  

Watch out for roadside elk, noted in red bulls below. The number of elk near the road is now very high probably due to the heavy morning fog.  Be very careful. 

The buildup to the rut continues.  Start your countdown.  Every year recently I have heard the first bugle (only one) around September 1.  The BIG DANCE is around September 15. 

I will be publishing a few tutorials on elk viewing.  Most will be interested on tips for witnessing bull fights.  The first fundamental is to just be there around the middle of September as much as you can.  

The bulls are now scraping velvet and soon will be pulling in close to the cow herds. The stage is being set. 

August 24 2013 Elk Herd Map

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