Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ozark Wildflower Season Starts Any Day

Last year at this time I had been shooting wildflowers for 5 weeks. We had much better weather and none of the snow storms like Sunday. Daffodils are blooming now, the single most reliable sign that the wildflower season is beginning.

If wildflowers interest you, the spring season is a few month long and there are many different places along the river where you can get pictures. Virtually any Ozark feeder creek to the Buffalo National River will have a decent wildflower bloom.

Filtered Top Light, Shallow Depth of Field
and Bokeh Make This Composition Work 
Photographers can learn a lot about existing light photography from shooting wildflowers. I personally don't like flash photography because it washes out detail that I want. It also tends to compress the dynamic range from light to dark that animates a good photo. Yes it can be done, but why not hone your observation skills and learn how to manage existing light. It will strengthen your photography.

So wildflower coverage begins today. I expect to see the first wildflowers now.

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