Thursday, March 20, 2014

Roadrunner, Lost Valley

Roadrunner, Lost Valley Entrance Road
This is an unconventional picture of a road runner.  He is not running, just checking me out.

The entrance road to Lost Valley Trail is an excellent place to get pictures of road runners. Often there are mating pairs there. Sometimes if you pay attention you can catch them feeding on cicadas in the roadside cedar trees.

If you visit, be on the lookout for them. I see them in the first block of the Lost Valley entrance road. I get the impression sometimes that they run across the road to decoy me from a nest, but I have never confirmed that.  I give animals their space as a rule.

Roadrunners are interesting, eccentric birds. I have had them play hide and seek with me out west. Last year I saw a 3 juveniles running in a line across our road that borders the Ponca Wilderness. They were about the size of sparrows, but with characteristic crest and long tails. Didn't get that picture, but I have the memory and that is pretty good.

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