Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 Updated Elk Viewing Map

There are 3 elk herds in Boxley Valley now, 2 all cow herds, and 1 all bull herd. This is a normal post-rut pattern.

Remember the antler drop is not until around April 1. If you want to see bull elk up close you need to arrive at Boxley Valley early. Bulls are more timid than cows and calves and leave the fields earlier.

Note the first wildflower blooming dates by species in the map below. Lost Valley is ready to explode, probably within the next week. The wildflower season is long so we are talking about the early species. A nice hike in Lost Valley complements the elk viewing perfectly. The current crop of white trout lilies bloom when the day warms up. Elk head for the woods about that same time. The weather is now perfect for wildflowers to take off strong any day now.

See map with elk herd locations below.

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