Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/12 Wildflower Season Begins this Weekend

White Trout Lilies Peak Early March 2012
With the remarkable change in the weather, the wildflower bloom is beginning in earnest. This coming weekend will be the first peak of the early species.  Stars of this early show are the white trout lily, harbinger of spring, the sharp-lobed hepatica and cutleaf toothwort. My visit to Lost Valley this morning confirmed the acceleration of the pace of the bloom.

If you are a wildflower fan, you will want to catalog the early species. If you don't visit within the next couple of weeks, you will probably not see either the harbinger of spring or the white trout lilies. To see the whole wildflower show I recommend at least 3 visits over the length of the season.

Species do vary in terms of the blooming date, and importantly the duration of their bloom. If getting great pictures of any specie is your goal, you need to photograph fresh blooms. Basically this means getting here toward the beginning of the blooming period. This weekend is probably that ideal period for the white trout lily. Lost Valley has an outstanding bloom of white trout lilies this year. You will find them just over the bridge to the hiking trail on the left. I got some nice pictures this morning.

Elk Watching
This morning I saw two herds in the valley. The most reliable herd is near the Ponca Access. It has frequented these fields for a while and is usually there at least 2 out of 3 visits for me. The second herd is on private land. I don't identify private land locations, but I believe this herd will rotate to one of the south ends fields down by Smith Creek in a day or two.

The updated map is below. It lists the beginning dates for wildflowers that are in bloom in Lost Valley as well.

Elk Locations and Wildflower Bloom Dates in Boxley Valley 

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