Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/18/12 Elk Herd Locations

Elk are transitioning now and we are definitely in the post-rut period. All this means is that the last straggling rutting bulls are done for 2012. Elk viewing remains good, but it is different.

Visitors will see gender segregated herds of all bulls or all cows. There are exceptions, but this is the current pattern. There are bulls here and there and all bull herds now. Many bulls have retreated into back fields and put in an appearance now and then. The bull herd identified on the map has been pretty reliable for some time. Elk fights are done, but quality sparring is still going on, and it will continue for months.

The all-cow herds are on the move. The combination of drought and army worms challenges them to find decent forage. While you can generally rely on the herd positions on the map, visitors should survey the entire valley because big moves between fields are quite likely now.

The 12/18 elk herd location map is below:

12/18 Elk Herd Location Map

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