Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11/13 Elk Herd Report & Location Map

Boxley Valley elk remain in a south valley pattern. Viewing opportunities are from just north of the mill pond down to the Buffalo River at the south end.

Today seemed like one of those days when the wildlife were everywhere, finally getting a break from rainy, cloudy weather. Saturday afternoon rain is predicted, and weather becomes cold again on Sunday. This kind of weather is elk weather. If the predictions hold, viewing could actually be a bit better this weekend.

Otherwise, all the usual advice holds. To see bulls, get out early. They are north of the mill pond and generally gone just after sunrise except on very cold days. Watch the edges of the mill pond for bald eagles -- they are now in season. The pond has a very active beaver colony now, and occasionally there are otter. Also, always check the Ponca Access, it is a very good area for birds, and occasionally you will see an otter there.

As always, drive slowly in Boxley Valley.

January 11 Elk Herd Location Map

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