Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wildflower Season Will Arrive Early in 2013

Harbinger of Spring Wildflower
Coming Soon to Buffalo National River
Spring wildflower season is on the the great natural events of the year. It will probably arrive early in 2013. Recent warm weather mixed with cold has stimulated wildflower growth. A recent monitoring hike in Lost Valley revealed the first sprouting plants. There are no blooms yet, but the first are just weeks away.

Plan to visit Buffalo National River a few times to see all the wildflower species. Some bloom early, and some late. Many wildflowers only bloom for a week or two. Others last much longer.

This year the Buffalo River Chamber of Commerce will provide expanded wildflower coverage with species guides. We will publish a map identifying wildflower hotspots in every area of the Buffalo National River.

Wildflowers line area hiking trails in the spring. Our online guide will help you identify the main species, and some of the rare one's too.

This blog will identify the species as they bloom. Blooming dates are different in different places, but do fall in pretty predictable date ranges.

Make 2013 the year that you learn about wildflowers. This a great way to teach kids about nature.  Get them started early and make them nature lovers for life. It is a perfect family activity.

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  1. Thanks a bunch for posting on wildflowers and the times they will appear! I love to visit the Buffalo River country early to see the widlflowers as well as the animals and the gorgeous scenery!You are indeed lucky to live there year round! Again, thanks for these lovely photos of the elk and wildflowers. Keep them coming! Henry Robison


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