Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rut Coverage Plans -- Current Viewing Conditions

I will take a little different approach on covering on this year's rut. It will include maps and herd locations as before, but it will also include periodic essays and tutorials on photography.  I am working on my first book on photography so there will be some spillover.

For me there is nothing that ignites my passion for photography like the elk rut. Sure, I love wildflowers and landscapes, river shots, otter, mink, and butterflies, etc. But nothing is the equal photographing the elk rut. For these next 3 months elk are my focus.

I am certain your mental approach is the primary key to your success as a photographer and sets the stage for your continual improvement. Fundamental to this success is getting clear on basic issues that go very far beyond f-stops, shutter speed and so on.

Bull Fight from 2012 -- Eye to Eye Near Ponca
Photography is about creative expression, not hardware. Creative expression is about being clear about what you are going for. I will have a lot to say about that. Time to start your "bucket list" and pre-visualize what elk shots you are going for.  If you are clear on what you seek, your chances of anticipating the opportunity and getting the photo improve a lot.

Current Conditions
Elk viewing is still in a summer pattern. Hot summer temperatures have shortened elk viewing. Elk head for cover now often by 8AM and come out fairly late to avoid the heat. The good news is that today temperatures are backing off some.

This last 2 weeks a lot of Boxley Valley has been hayed. The timing of this is just about perfect for the rut -- leading it out by about 2 weeks. For now elk are pushed back a bit, but I expect that to change as things return to normal.

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