Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eye Contact & The Critical Moment

We have an armadillo that hangs around our place we call Armondo. Many days I see Armondo hacking around the back woods dining on grubs and worms. When our chickens lay too many eggs, Armondo lives the dream dining on our surplus. He is dumb as a hammer, just north of an insect brain. 

Anyway, if you have seen armadillo pictures, you will note 2 things. They are shot at a high angle, and generally the armadillo is head down and sideways. To stand out from the crowd consider getting on your belly and waiting for eye contact and an unusual posture. This frame is 1 of about 50 I shot of Armondo. At most, I was 8 feet away from him. 

This is not your typical armadillo picture. Getting it is about observation, patience, and thinking through possible poses. In there somewhere is the willingness to lay down on the ground up close and personal. 

Armadillo Closeup
Armondo the Armadillo Checks Me Out

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