Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/12/11 Bull Fight Today, Herds Return on Cool Weather

Real bull elk fight today in mid-valley. Cool overcast weather provided outstanding viewing.

A fairly large bull elk herd was in the field by the intersection of 43 and 21. Right on time, this is the beginning of the transition to the post-rut period. Many of these bulls are satellites that have detached from the herds as fewer cow elk are estrous. Antler fans get a decent opportunity to get 8-10 bull elk in one group. 

We were treated to 3 herds in the mid-valley. Two herds were close together and that led to a bull fight between the herd bulls. Across 43 behind us another herd showed up and there was actually bugling across the road. A lot of bugling in this area this morning. 

The take away point from today is that the rut is still on and quality elk viewing is far from over. There were 3 herds, and 3 rutting bulls in a pretty compact area. I am absolutely certain there is at least 1 more rutting herd in the south end, but currently it is rotated to the back fields. 

Be very sure to check out the Lost Valley fields if you visit. The herd that was west of 43 this morning could end up there Sunday -- it is clearly setup based on this morning's herd locations. 

The updated map is below:

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