Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11/2/11 Herd Location Map

This morning the only large herd was at the south end of Boxley Valley. This herd has been moving around a lot and it is reasonable to expect they might move north during the day. I have heard reports of them moving into the field just north of Smith Creek in the evening.

Mid week we will have another significant weather shift toward much cooler weather, this will no doubt extend elk viewing hours, and it could trigger the movement of herds back into the valley. By next weekend, the elk viewing pattern will be very different. My guess is that it will improve steadily.

Bald eagles are showing up now. Last evening I saw a number of them in one group -- probably just migrating through. Apparently unnaturally cold weather in the north has moved up the date of the annual southward migration. Seeing bald eagles is never common, but after the fall migration it is more common. We are now entering the bird migratory season.

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