Sunday, March 4, 2012

3/4/12 Ozark Wake Robins are Blooming in Lost Valley

Elk Viewing
Elk watching is now limited to one cow elk herd by the Ponca Access. This is a pretty good sized herd of all cows (and young bulls). The next big thing for elk will be calving that peaks traditionally around June 1. March is considered the last month that big bull elk will still have antlers so they can still be seen for a few weeks (just not today).

Wildflower Season
Ozark Wake Robin in Canopy Light
The wildflower bloom at lost valley has really accelerated. This morning I saw the first Ozark wake robin trillium blooms and pale corydalis. It is a little alarming to see the bloom so early in Lost Valley, it is a couple of weeks early.

Wildflowers can be found all through the Buffalo River region now. Generally speaking, the low lands along tributary streams are very good, moisture is the key. In many areas springs provide the moisture needed. Check with locals about your area.

Wildflowers are also a study in micro-climate. East-west hollers have different bloom dates, that north-south hollers. Altitude also factors into bloom dates, mountain tops are generally a week or two later than low land areas for the same species. Some species only occur at altitude or at river level. The bottom line is that there are many variables and these make the season fairly long.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm heading out that way for a botany trip - looking to see var. ozarkanum among other trilliums. I've found this site to be very helpful in my trip planning.

    1. Thanks. I have more specific information on wildflower locations if it would be useful to you. I know where there are many green trillium. Another location where there are relatively many hoary paccoons, a pretty good flower.

  2. Awesome! Thanks a lot - looking to be backpacking the BNR April 20 - 21. Do you think there will be any elk around the Ponca area during that time? Thanks


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