Thursday, March 29, 2012

3/29/12 Elk, Floating and Wildflower Report

Spiderwort Wildflowers -- Broadwater Falls Road, Compton
This will be a great weekend to visit the Buffalo National River. Wildflowers arguably have just entered their seasonal peak now with only a few spring species left to bloom. We are roughly two or three weeks ahead of normal bloom dates. The very good news is that the timing of spring rains has been ideal for wildflowers. This is the strongest bloom in many years in this region.

Elk viewing remains very good. We continue to be in the north south pattern in Boxley Valley, I think of it as the "bookends" pattern. There is one herd near the Ponca Access, and a second near the Upper Wilderness Trailhead.  This has been a fairly reliable pattern now for some time. As a photographer I would rate the south trailhead as the better photographic venue. There is an old barn down there and some interesting fence lines that you can incorporate in your compositions.

Floating is absolutely outstanding now. The water and the weather are just right. Remember to check floating levels for the entire Buffalo River go to the Buffalo River Chamber of Commerce website. It is the definitive guide for visitors to the entire Buffalo National River region.

Everything seems early this year due to the weather. Conditions could not be more ideal for a visit to hike, ride horses, watch wildlife, and experience the wildflower bloom this year.

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