Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 Early Wildflowers Are Peaking, 2 Elk Herds

Ozark Wake Robin Trillium at Lost Valley
Early wildflowers are now peaking. I like to think of the wildflowers in 3 shifts, so these are the late February and March wildflower species. Some like white trout lilies and harbinger of spring are at about peak now, and in a couple of weeks they will be harder to find.

If you want to see the white trout lily bloom this weekend is surely peak. The white trout lily bed in Lost Valley is just past the bridge on the left. These are great flowers but the bloom is always short-lived.

Elk viewing is good. Two herds are now in the valley. One is about mid-valley, the second view-able one is just south of the 43/21 intersection.  A bull herd is kicking around in that same area.

This will be a great weekend for wildflower viewing if you are into them. Don't wait more than another week if you want to see all the early species.

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