Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15/12 Elk Viewing Outstanding

Winter Dawn in Boxley Valley 
This morning there were 3 photographers in Boxley Valley besides me. I knew one of them and he came from Ft. Smith to do one thing, photograph elk. I don't know about the others, but I did not recognize them, I suspect they came from other areas if not other states.

Big Bull at Sunrise by 43/21

Mind you this is the dead season for tourism. People come to this area to do two things in winter. Hike and watch the elk. This is a needed income injection for our area, one that should not be dismissed. Looked at correctly, everyone in positions of authority should understand how fundamentally important elk viewing is in Boxley Valley. It is not about just the valley, it is about the region and the state.

Any consideration of hunting elk in Boxley Valley is absolute economic suicide. Game and Fish must walk away from this hunt idea. There are plenty of places to hunt elk. With a tiny herd, there is no reason to hunt in Boxley Valley. We cannot afford to take the tourism loss.

There were two herds in the valley this morning. One in the south Ponca fields and a second around the 43/21 intersection. It was just beautiful to see the elk in the frosty fields. There were some strays other places in the valley.

Below is the map for today's elk herds.

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