Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/12 Fog, But 30 Elk, 2 Otter and 2 Bald Eagles

Typical Post-Rut Bull Herd, Prince and the Boys
Today there was only one herd in the valley and it was in the field adjacent to the Ponca Access. Because of the weather, I think the elk around the 43/21 intersection were holed up.

The high point this morning was otter feeding in the Boxley Mill Pond. I watched them for about a half hour swimming in the north end of the pond under the watchful gaze of two bald eagles. I have seen otter in the mill pond recently a few times. If you visit keep your eyes peeled for them.

This weekend should be excellent for all kinds of photography. These frontal changes and somewhat stormy weather generally provide diffuse light and nice cloud formations. If you like to take landscape photos, partly cloudy weather definitely beats a cloudless blue sky.

Updated map is below. There are now about 30 elk visible in the valley.


  1. Thank you for your frequent reports on the Elk herd in the Boxley area Michael. Erbie is fogged in as well right now and the wildlife here is out in both quality and quantity! ~ Red

  2. Thanks Red. I live on old Erbie Road on top of Gaither. Don't know if we will see the sun today. Animals do like the cover of fog.

    1. The whole day ended up being incredible Michael! I hope you were able to spend some more time outside today ~ btw ~ I'm down in the valley ~ shoot me a line before you head this way next time ~ I'd love to meet ya! ~ Red


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