Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Commas and Question Mark Butterflies

Comma Butterfly -- Perfect Camo
Comma and Question Mark butterflies can be tough to get. Both are fast flying and seem to be timid. Most often I get them when they fly to me rather than me chasing them around. In the middle of the day they really fly around very fast.

My standard approach with butterflies is to find a great flower near many active butterflies, and then wait.  That generally does not work for these.

Question Mark Butterfly
I get these 2 when I am seeking other subjects like wildflowers. I usually get them with my 100-400 zoom all the way out. Generally you can't get very close to them.

This lens is underrated as a macro lens. I own a 180 mm macro lens and find it too short for getting close to these 2 species.  When my focus is dead on, the 100-400 mm is just as good.

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