Sunday, April 20, 2014

Woodland Moth on Mountain Grass

Moth on Moutain Grass
Walking to our springs out back I saw this little guy sleeping on a strand of mountain grass.

Be alert and accept the unexpected gifts that are given on your shoots. Too often photographers and hikers are too single minded about a destination or subject. Small gifts like this moth will only be observed if you shift your mindset to be aware and opportunistic. Any hike in nature offers up these small gifts if only we will slow down and accept them.

This is a special time of year. Wildflowers are popping everywhere. Warm nights are alive with the sound of breeding frogs and toads. Last night I would guess that we heard at least 6 different species at nightfall.

Another lesson in this picture it is to not be a slave to conventional image ratios. This one is a 3x10. It responds to the shapes presented in the composition.

Bull Frog
Mating Season & Pond Slime -- Living the Dream

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