Friday, April 11, 2014

Dogwoods Starting to Bloom & Wild Plum Trees Blooming Heavily

This is early, but today the dogwoods on Gaither Mountain (Ponca Wilderness) started to bloom. If you are a dogwood fan, you know at first the blooms open up as green, and then quickly shift to white. We are at stage one, the green bloom.

At lower altitudes usually the dogwoods will be a bit ahead of the mountain dogwoods. I would not be surprised to see white blooms by Sunday. It all happens very fast.

I just got in from shooting butterflies on my wild plum tree. Last night there were only buds, today it is an explosion of white flowers. These fresh flowers really draw in the butterflies. Think about visiting now if you are a serious butterfly photographer.  I got 5 species of butterflies without moving more than 10 steps.

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