Sunday, October 5, 2014

10/4/14 Elk Herd Locaoins & Report

The rutting bulls in Boxley Valley have established the herd positions for late September and Early October. The most interesting of these are the 2 herds in the Ponca fields. The bulls for these 2 herds are very well matched up, and should fight often. This size match-up is one of the key factors that increases the likelihood of fights, Little bulls don't fight bigger bulls,  Big diffeences in size is enough to intimidate them. The 2 bulls in question are probably the same age. It was clear last night that a fight was coming. It was setup when a handful of cows wandered off between the two herds.  Bulls work to keep their herds compact, so when a few cows drift off, it is like bait to a competing bull who will run to meet them and this gets him close to the original herd bull. Once the 2 bulls get close together it fires off the instinct to fight. The bulls will walk along beside one another sizing each other up before squaring up to fight. It is very interesting to observe. The fight was of short duration last night. I think these 2 have already fought many times this year. In this cool weather conditions are perfect for the herds to be in the pastures most of the day. Viewing will be best at the ends of the day. Remember that elk don't like heat and sunlight very much. Maverick bulls near the fence seem more common in the morning. There are still a number of these big guys coming into the rut.

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