Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When I don't Post

I think some imagine if I don't post a new map every day they would be flying blind visiting Boxley Valley and could come up empty. Let me say just this, the elk during the rut settle into pretty stable patterns that you can rely on. Right now the Ponca fields north of the elk pullout are quite good. On the south end of the valley the field North of Smith Creek is reliable. These two fields have been best for almost 2 weeks now. Will the elk ever leave them?  Sure, but they don't go far as a rule. Why is this so reliable?  Habitat.  Both areas have outstanding habitat with food, water and large bedding areas nearby. They are an elk paradise. This pattern will hold until it doesn't. When you visit, drive the whole length of the valley and check the fields. Percentages favor the elk being in one of these 2 areas. If they are not, look nearby. Typically elk don't move very far, but they might. Drive carefully, the bulls are still running everywhere. T'is the season.

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