Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12 Updated Elk Herd Map & Notes

Below is the updated herd location map from this morning. 

In a couple of locations I am using date ranges rather than a cluster of dates since we have hit a 3 day pattern. 

The only news is that a herd is now in the north end of the Smith Creek field in the south end of the valley. 

There are reports of a bull fight in the last couple of days. I did notice some blood on the antlers of bull that seems to confirm that report. 

Note that there are many bulls that have only now completed scraping their velvet. They are easy to ID with their ivory white colored antlers. 

The very biggest bull elk have not joined the rut at this time. I do know where they are on private land so this is an easy call. If history is any lesson, they will join the rut in about 1 week to 10 days. Often a monster bull shows up around October 1. 

Like all seasonal boundaries for elk, there is not an "on/off switch". We are blending from the summer period with velvet scraping into the rut. The very best of the rut is still ahead

Drive slowly in Boxley Valley, especially from just north of the Mill Pond and all points south. There are a handful of elk that are not in the herd structure and scattered here and there. There is a bull elk that is quite tame and not afraid of traffic. He has been hanging around the Mill Pond area. 

9/11/12 Elk Herd Locations in Boxley Valley near Ponca, AR

9/11/12 Elk Herd Locations

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