Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28/12 Weekend Elk Viewing Outlook & Map

Elk herd locations have shifted south in the middle valley locations -- see map below. This mid-valley location has at least 2 herds with herd bulls so it is a prime location for a bull fight and bugling. Be very careful parking in this middle valley area and get off the road outside the white line. There are blind corners and dips in this area

The 2012 elk rut is now on top of the plateau I call the "peak". It will extend through all of October before slowly sloping down until the end of the year. It is during this 4 week, prime time period that you get the most bull fights and most bugling. The first 2 weeks of November remain pretty good, but by then the tailing off of peak becomes evident. 

There are armyworms in a couple of upper valley fields now. With this damage, it is reasonable to expect that elk herds will remain in a strong middle valley to south end pattern for the remainder of the year. Hopefully there will not be much more damage. 

The 9/28/12 herd location map is below:

9/28/12 Elk Herd Locations in Boxley Valley near Ponca, AR

Current Elk Herd Locations

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