Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17/12 Elk Map & Report

This morning elk were scattered across Boxley Valley with only 2 small herds evident. The first was near Beech Creek on the south end of the valley, the second scattered around just south of Smith Creek and just north of the Upper Wilderness Trailhead. 

My guess is that the elk have been grazing pretty hard in the overcast, rainy weather we have had. Once we return to more normal weather tomorrow, the elk movements will return to normal patterns. 

The herd around Beech Creek was on both sides of the road and grazing close to the pavement. This is probably the most dangerous area of the valley for a potential car/elk accident (as denoted by the red elk). Go slowly through this area, and if you see roadside elk, stop and proceed very slowly. 

9/17/12 Elk Herd Locations in Boxley Valley near Ponca, AR

9/17/12 Elk Herd Locations in Boxley Valley, near Ponca, AR

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