Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/9/12 Elk Rut Begins -- Herd Locations Map

Elk viewing was very good this morning. We were treated to the first sighting of a rutting bull in the south end of Boxley Valley near Smith Creek. At least 20 cars of visitors stopped and enjoyed the show, many were photographers. At mid-morning the south elk herd was moving to cover in the Upper Wilderness still farther south of the trailhead.

The other main attraction was a field full of bull elk near Moore Creek on the west side of Highway 21.

Straggler elk were other places in the valley, with a small herd near the Ponca Access along the cane line.

Arkansas Elk Herd Location Map, Ponca AR

Boxley Valley Elk Locations 9/9/12

Elk Photographers & Watchers in Boxley Valley, Ponca, AR
Elk Photographers & Watchers, Buffalo National River,
Upper Wilderness Trailhead

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