Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/15/12 Elk Herd Locations, Elk Hazards Now Marked

Elk have not moved much in response to a day of rain. The concentration of elk is in the south end of  Boxley Valley with 1 herd showing up in the mid-valley area.  

Elk love rain, don't let rain hold you back from visiting. Rainy cloudy days also extend viewing times. Rain coupled with this cool weather could have the elk out all day long. 

Rainy weather means fogging conditions. Fog and rain often pull the elk closer to the road so there is more danger of hitting an animal that is grazing along the roadside. Drive slowly, especially in the south end. 40 MPH maximum is best. 

There were roadside elk this morning and for a few days now. The most dangerous spots recently have been north of the mill pond (a tame bull elk), and especially by Beech Creek. See map. 

I have added red elk to show roadside elk danger areas to the mapRoadside elk will be found everywhere in the valley, these red elk markers are in places where roadside grazing has been most frequent recently

9/15/12 Elk Herd Watching Guide & Map

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