Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Rutting Bull of 2012 -- Twin Forks

Rutting Bull Elk and Cow
First Rutting Bull of 2012 -- Twin Forks
Twin Forks is the first rutting bull of the 2012 season. This morning he put on a good show for visitors to Boxley Valley as the 2012 elk rut kicked off. 

He is easy to identify. He right antler is split into two forks, each of which has 2 tines. This makes him a 7x6. He also has long eye guards and a narrow span between his antlers. This is the third year I have seen him. He has always been early in the rut, but until this year I didn't think he had much of a chance to be in the final group of 3 or 4 bulls that will rule the valley later in the rut. 

Typically the final group of herd bulls don't show up until around October 1, but there are no hard and fast rules. Twin Forks has "game", but will it be enough to hang on in the early fights? The other challenge he will face is enduring the whole rut, it is a long season. Many of the early dominant bulls get exhausted in the late rut and just walk away.

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