Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Elk Viewing -- The Peak

October marks a new phase in the elk rut. Early rutting herd bulls have now been replaced by the biggest bulls as leaders of the herds. The early bulls are now "satellite bulls", hanging around the edges of the herd for straggling cows.

In October the big bulls now fight to consolidate their small herds into larger ones. This period of consolidation will last a few weeks during which the very best bull fights of the year will occur. These are the fights between the huge bulls like last year's Boxley Beast vs. Godzilla (see the video).

Fights between big bull elk are one of nature's great spectacles.

Be sure to always pull off the road in Boxley Valley -- outside the white line. Do not stop in the lane to watch or take photos. Let common sense guide you, go slow and watch for pedestrians.

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