Thursday, November 1, 2012

11/1/12 Elk Rut Continues Strong

The Boxley Stud at Sunrise
The Boxley Stud at Sunrise 11/1/12
Elk viewing and photography remains very good heading into November. This is not that unusual because the elk rut slows down very gradually. There will be rutting behavior for at least another month, and it generally extends into December. I have many good photographs for this period. As I mentioned in another post, if you like big bull elk photos we are entering prime time.

There will be bugling and the occasional bull fight all through November. One of the best bull fights I ever photographed was taken in the second week of November. My point is that there is plenty of action ahead.

Today elk were located all across the valley. There were 5 herds active and scattered elk elsewhere, many of them bull elk.

As the rut slowly winds down, more maverick elk are evident as they disconnect from herds and begin to form all-bull herds. This is a gradual process over a couple of months and it generally completed in mid-December.

The November 1, 2012 elk herd location map is below:

Elk Herd Locations 11/1/12

11/1/12 Elk Herd Locations in Boxley Valley

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