Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/15/12 Weekend Outlook & Elk Herd Locations

Elk viewing remains very good, easily on par with the peak of the 2012 elk rut. Bugling is fairly common and there are plenty of elk to see in Boxley Valley.  This weekend should be outstanding, the herd locations have been very stable for some time. Cool weather has really extended viewing.

The herds remain at the Highway 43/21 intersection and points north. Lost Valley remains in play.

Modern gun deer season is underway so the elk are pushed forward a bit by deer hunters along the river. This actually can improve elk viewing. If you hike in, "orange up" and watch for hunters.

When you visit, expect skittish deer all along your route regardless of the time of day. Remember one deer may be trailed by another, especially a leading doe with a trailing fawn. Slow down when you see deer crossing and give them a chance.

The 11/5 map is below:

11/15/12 Elk Herd Locations

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