Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/8/12 Major Elk Herd Shift, Ponca Fields Abandoned

This morning marked a significant change in the elk herd locations in Boxley Valley. The elk herd in the Ponca field that has been very reliable has left due to grazing cattle. This morning I filmed a dry river crossing near beech creek and the herd was headed south. I expect them to show up down by the river at the south end of the valley, and possibly to end up in the Smith Creek field that has been kind of dead lately.

This herd is moving between zone 4 and 5 as shown on the map. The exact timing is a bit hard to predict, but it should be complete by the weekend at the latest.

The Smith Creek field has been cut for haying. I would guess that will happen today after things dry out. This will have an impact on where the elk finally relocate. They could go farther south down by the Upper Wilderness Trailhead to avoid the haying.

Otherwise elk viewing locations remain the same. Dates and locations are on the map below.

Elk Herd Locations 10/8/12

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