Saturday, September 20, 2014

9/20/14 Elk Herd Positions in Boxley Valley
This morning the herd bull and his harem near Ponca was in the second field south of the Ponca Access.  A number of people were there wildlife watching and taking pictures. I did not hear any bugling. This field has traditionally a good one for bull elk fights. It, like the Smith Creek field, has many attack points from the river that set the stage for bull fights.  The current bull I call "Little Forks" is here for the second year. He was part of the last bull fight I photographed. It was in this same field. See photo below:
Past Bull Fight in Ponca Field  
If you happen to witness a bull fight you will never forget it. This is my favorite fight picture because it was near the end of the fight and the bull on the right was pinning down the bull on the left. Note the eye contact. 

If you come to see the elk remember The Ozark Mountain Artist Tour is underway. Visit their website for details. Most of the artists are east of Ponca along Highway 74 and along Highway 7 near Jasper. There is printable a map on the website above. Artists cover the range of visual arts.  It is a great family activity. The event complements elk viewing that is best early and late in the day. 

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