Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today there was only 1 rutting herd visible. That one in the Ponca Fields in the north end of Boxley Valley. There was little bugling, that bull is pretty secure at this time with few if any challengers. Elsewhere in the valley there were scattered elk from the Smith Creek field and north. Evening viewing should be pretty good. There were quite a few people in the valley elk watching. 

Safety Issue Alert: visitors should be aware that thick fog has a negative impact on their safety. This morning there were two people dressed in camo standing on the white line at the edge of the road by the 43/21 intersection. I did not see them until I was right next to them. Someone not looking for pedestrians could have clipped one of them.  NEVER assume you are easily seen on the roadsides. Also, if you are driving be very aware pedestrians and be on the lookout for them.

9/23/14 Elk Herd Locations

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