Friday, September 26, 2014

Wading the Buffalo

Today the river otter made an appearance at the Ponca Low Water Bridge. This Photographer is hiking upstream to get close to the otter family that is feeding in the pool in front of her.  The weedy gravel bars of the Buffalo River are pretty easy to wade, the water is seldom a foot deep. The safest gear for wading the river are felt soled boots with studs to cope with slippery rocks.  Hip boots are more than enough. These can be pretty affordable from big outfitting stores like Bass Pro.  If you wade the river, you need to make sure your camera equipment is insured as well.  If you hike into remote areas of the river you should have an Emergency Beacon. The best ones use the FAA Band. This could save your life. 

Wading the Buffalo for Otter Photos

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