Friday, November 1, 2013

11/1/13 Great Weekend Outlook for Elk, Color & Old Grist Mill Tours

The weather is perfect this weekend for elk viewing. If the elk cooperate you can expect extended viewing. Yesterday's 2 herds visible, and a 3rd behind a tree line was the best setup for a while. Elk seem to be moving out of the woodlands to the fields again, perhaps in part due to some leaf drop.

This could be the best weekend for fall color of the year. There will be very good light and color is at its peak now. In the Buffalo River region fall color can vary a lot depending on location. There are still some areas where the peak is still a few days off because of slightly different local climate.  Hollers are different than mountain tops, even the east-west vs. north-south orientation of hollers seems to impact color dates.  The bottom line is that we will have good color for at least a week in many different locations.

There will be one more tour of the Old Grist Mill in Boxley Valley this weekend. This has drawn large crowds this year and it is definitely worth seeing.  Hours are from 10 AM to 1 PM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

NPS Ranger Linda Bishop Interprets the Old Boxley Valley Mill

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