Sunday, November 10, 2013

Final Wildflower Photo for 2013

I live in a photographers paradise. There is no shortage of subjects all along the way from home to Boxley Valley. While it might seem I only care about elk, the truth is I often get pictures along the way. 

This wildflower, a black eyed susan, is very late.  In the next 2 days it will be killed by a predicted hard frost. It has managed to bloom and complete its life cycle. Just a month ago there were many similar flowers, now there is just this one. 

For many reasons this year was challenging and I had to set aside the camera during wildflower season. I missed a couple of months for very good reasons, but I really missed the amazing wildflowers around here. This flower was a very nice final gift. I would have been pretty happy with this flower in season, now so late I was very happy to get the picture in crossing morning light. 

The Final Flower for 2013

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