Monday, November 4, 2013

Looking Back

Today was an off day for me so I dig around old photos and see if there are any I have missed, or never did anything with.  The photo below is from November 5 a couple of years ago -- proof that great photos are still possible, really for months to come.

This is a river crossing with JYD, a bull still with us and very active in the 2013 rut. Here he is at the end of a river crossing. He is drinking getting ready to bed down. I will never forget this crossing. It included nearly a hundred elk and 3 different herd bulls over a 45 minute period.  You can see the buffalo is a trickle in the bottom of the picture.  The satellite bull is wary of JYD, the 3 cow elk seem to be admiring JYD.  I love the light in this picture.

Taken November 5, 2010

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