Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/14 Elk Herd Map & Herd Bull "Maverick"

Maverick and Cow near Smith Creek
This morning was cool and cloudy. The elk were still partially bedded down when I arrived about 7AM.

The two herds in the south end have separated. Looks to me like Godzilla led his harem out of there to a back field. As a result, there was much less bugling because there was no nearby threat.

I named the other big bull on the south end "Maverick". He is a great bull with outstanding symmetry and a unique pink lower lip. His eye guards are wide rather than tall (like Godzilla). He is a conventional 6x6 most ways, but he has a great span and a nice rack.

This will be great viewing weather through the weekend. This will be the first "heart of the rut" weekend, add to that ideal weather, and it should be quite a show.

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