Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Bugle of 2011 Elk Rut in Arkansas

August 31 was the first elk bugle of the year. Oddly, this is the same date as last year.

I did see a huge bull yesterday and it was early. As I have written so many times, the really big bulls arrive at the elk rut around October 1 if one can generalize.

Right now there are at least two bulls in Boxley Valley hanging around with cow herds. Again, this is very early, but typical. These early bulls are large, but they are not the huge herd bulls. The two I have seen still have bits of velvet on their antlers.

We are now in the steady build up to the rut. It always feels like Christmas. In around two to three weeks the fireworks begin. Bugling will become common.

I am covering the elk rut probably 5 days out of  7 now. Look for news on this blog at least every couple of days. This is prime time in Boxley Valley.

Time to plan your visits. I recommend spacing them through the rut to get the best chances. You can find cabins at  The elk are located in the upper and middle river areas of the Buffalo National River.

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